Lynn Benander

Lynn Benander

President, Co-op Power

Lynn Benander builds community owner ship of sustainable energy resources to create a more just and sustainable future in New England and New York. She has worked for many years to support the development of consumer, producer, worker-owned and other locally-owned businesses that meet basic needs for energy, food, and shelter.

She has provided fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, executive search management, business planning and technical assistance consulting to hundreds of businesses in the Northeast including Northeast Biodiesel, Energia, Cabot Creamery, Collective Copies, Northeast Cooperatives, PV Squared, Hillside Organic Farm and Pizza Company, and River Valley Market. She has managed Co-op Power since 2006 and managed the Cooperative Development Institute prior to that. She enjoys figuring out how to help groups be successful in changing their world. She loves learning. She loves building networks where people can learn together about things they really care about.

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