Dr. Allen White

Dr. Allen White

Co-Founder/Former CEO - GRI, Co-Founder/Director - Corporation 20/20, Founder - Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings, Tellus Institute

Dr. Allen L. White is Vice President and Senior Fellow, Tellus Institute, Boston, USA, and directs the institute’s Program on Corporate Redesign. In 1997, he co-founded the Global Reporting Initiative and served as its first Chief Executive until 2002. He also is Founder and Co-Chair of the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings launched in mid-2011. He was principal architect of the original CERES standardized environmental reporting framework in the years following launch of the organization in 1990. He is co-author of Corporate Environmentalism in a Global Economy and has published and spoken widely on corporate purpose, design sustainability, accountability and governance. Dr. Allen White will speak in the Plenary Sessions introducing the release of the Reporting Blueprint and the Data Blueprint. In his role as Reporting 3.0 Validator, he has provided in-depth input on these Blueprints, for example supporting the integration of the Sustainability Context Principle and affirming R3’s status as a research and development catalyst for the reporting field.


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