Danielle Jiskoot

Danielle Jiskoot

Manager Business Development, Supply Chain Information Management (SIM)

Danielle is the Manager of Business Development at SIM (Supply Chain Information Management), working with some of the world’s largest retailers in making their supply chains transparent and provide accurate data in order to perform the most complete reporting on risk areas or sustainability KPIs. She has a background in Political Science, holds a master’s degree in International Relations, and she performed research for several years in agricultural chains and the political influence on transparency of the product journey. She gained profound knowledge of the coffee sector while conducting research in Ethiopia and writing a training program for farmers in Central Africa. Before joining SIM, she’s been part of a software scale-up, understanding the influence of technology on data sharing and the need for accurate product information in order to communicate effectively to consumers and stakeholders. Technology can be a means to an end for reporting, but trustworthy data is needed in order to make the right claims. In her current position, Danielle forms a key point of contact for companies worldwide to understand their need for data of products and suppliers for effective sustainability reporting and she helps identify the processes towards transparency. She’s responsible for the overall commercial strategies and operations of SIM.

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