Lisette van der Maarel

Lisette van der Maarel

Business Development ReBlend and Change Maker Jolly Green Giant

After her economics studies, Lisette had a first experience as a project consultant for TriFinance, a financial consultancy, doing different projects within the public and private sector.

After that, she transitioned to a permanent position with VF Corporation, a multinational fashion corporate with known brands such as Timberland, Vans, The North Face and Eastpak in different roles within the finance department across different brands both at the Belgian and Swiss HQ’s for 8 years. Starting as a multi-brand Reporting Analyst and ending as the Vans EMEA Manager of Business Analysis, truly understanding how the numbers and the organisation work with the corporate environment.

In the last 1,5 years, she has been transitioning to an independent activity working within the sustainability and circular economy field. Wanting to make a real and tangible impact in the world driving positive change and creating more awareness around the challenges we are facing.

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