Mark van Baal

Mark van Baal

Founder, Follow This

Mark van Baal (The Hague, 1968) is convinced that we can only stop climate change by motivating the oil and gas industry to stop exploring for more oil and gas and start exploring sustainable business models, starting with Shell.

He therefore founded Follow This is a group of responsible shareholders in Shell that supports Shell to take leadership in the energy transition to a net-zero-emission energy system. The Follow This climate resolutions “Shareholders support Shell to align its targets with the Paris Climate Agreement” ignited the debate about climate targets for the entire oil and gas industry.

At Shell’s AGM 4,000 private shareholders and the majority of the largest institutional investors and insurers in the Netherlands supported the resolution, while international investors urged Shell and other oil majors to set climate targets.

Mark studied mechanical engineering in Delft, served in the navy and was a sales manager and an energy journalist. He lives with Marijke and Barend (7) in Amsterdam.

This short debate with Shell CEO Ben van Beurden (three minutes) captures the debate over the future of the oil and gas industry: (>20,000 views).