Mark van Clieaf

Mark van Clieaf

Managing Partner, Organizational Capital Partners

Mark Van Clieaf is Managing Partner at Organizational Capital Partners, a leading consultancy advising Boards, CEO’s, CFO’s and CHRO’s on organization design, CEO succession planning and selection, and long term incentive plan design, all aligned to shareholder and societal value.

He brings over 30 years consulting experience in Boardrooms and C-Suites on 3 continents across a broad range of industries. This also includes work with some of the world’s largest institutional investors.

His research on company valuation, Return On Invested Capital (ROIC), Future Growth Value (FGV), CEO Pay Ratio and the alignment to the 5 levels of innovation, Work Levels management structure design, and executive talent assessment and selection have been applied by a number of leading companies around the world to drive long-term shareholder and societal value.


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