Salomon Billeter

Salomon Billeter

Founder Eco2Link Simulator (scaling4good) and Head Casualty R&D Core (Swiss Re)

Salomon Billeter leads the Casualty R&D core team and the model development for casualty business of Swiss Re, having built up forward-looking modeling from scratch including the patented Liability Risk Drivers™ (LRD) model, Swiss Re’s comprehensive forward-looking model for costing, underwriting, risk accumulation control, and other purposes.

During a brief sabbatical in 2016, Salomon designed an all-embracing simulation model for decision support serving the goals of sustainable finance and business goals consistently.

Until 2006, he has developed computer simulation methods at IBM Research to overcome fundamental scaling limits in solid-state electronics and other purposes.

Prior to joining IBM, his academic research in the US and Europe focused on simulation techniques aimed at understanding bio-reactions and treating metabolism-related diseases.

Salomon has graduated in physics and chemistry at ETH Zürich and holds a PhD from ETH Zürich in physical chemistry.


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